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Heath Close CEO / Lead Game Designer
Heath Close
CEO / Lead Game Designer

Heath Close got his start in the gaming industry as an instructor teaching codeless game design using Buildbox.  As “The Voice of Buildbox”, Heath created several training experiences, including the very popular “Make Your Own Game” series.  Heath became an extremely involved pillar in the Buildbox community, helping other game designers with their issues and problem solving with them so they can move forward with their designs.

Curator of a long running thread in a mastermind community of game developers, Heath has studied the Apple App Store daily, tracking featured games and their success, and studying trends.

A student of Curtiss Murphy and Jesse Schell, Heath has studied game design both in theory and in application and has a desire to build emotionally reflective interactive experiences that deeply move people across many platforms.

Heath is a big fan of Star Trek and Pixel / Voxel Art.

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